Impact Of Green Supply Chain Management On Industry, Consumer Perception And Environment

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This paper investigates the impact of green supply chain management on industry, consumer perception and environment. Through research into multiple companies and case studies, a distorted perception among large corporations shows a historic struggle to find a balance between profit and sustainability. However, the potential long-term effects of the lack of environmental courtesy cannot be undone and therefore must be carefully engineered. Multi-billion dollar automotive corporations such as Hyundai and Toyota will be discussed and studied in depth to conclude the innovative changes contributed in the automotive industry resulting in maximum efficiency in lean and green production. Additionally, while studying these companies, the overall question of whether intentional sustainable practices provide increased customer satisfaction and comfort is answered through a survey given to 100 random people. In this small sample, it was found that 33% of consumers care about green business practices in automotive production but only 8% saw an increase in value because of it. Keywords: green supply chain, automotive sustainability, global impact

Green Supply Chain Management

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The automotive industry changed the way that Americans purchased products when cars became an affordable luxury in the early 19th century. Not only did cars drastically reduce travel in daily life, they provided a gateway of possibilities for expanding

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