Impact Of Health Care Reform On Quality

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The Impact of Health Care Reform on Quality
Health care quality has made vast improvements in the last several decades and continues to improve as a stronger emphasis has been placed in this sector with our current health care reform. Consumers now have access to quality report cards on providers and the health care systems that can easily be obtained over the internet. Shultz & Young (2014) argue that providers of yesteryear purposely created mysteriousness in health care resulting in patients blindly following their treatments despite the lack of clinical evidence that supported the treatment. Current consumers are more educated on disease processes and the performance of providers and hospitals which has resulted in a greater demand for higher quality.
Historical Benchmark Events in Health Care Quality
In 1871 the first Supervising Surgeon was appointed and in 1873 renamed to the Surgeon General whom headed the United States Public Health Service. Early initiatives of the Surgeon General focused on controlling infectious diseases that were devastating the country. Malaria, yellow fewer and tuberculosis were especially prominent at this time resulting in a strong priority placed on controlling these disease processes. Satcher (2015) outlines several key leadership characteristics an effective Surgeon General must possess that include credibility, ability to motivate and educate, and to provide evidence based reports that lead to policy change. An example of this

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