Impact Of Immigration On The United States

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America has always been a country of immigrants. During the 1891 to 1924, over twenty million immigrants came to the U.S. (Daniels, 1997, p. viii). Several pieces of key legislation were also passed during that time that affected immigrants. America’s view at this time reflected that of strong Nativism. Several anti-immigration groups had their fair share of influence in political affairs that had a negative affect on certain groups. This paper will outline the events that led to three pieces of legislation. This paper will also highlight the impact on immigration and how the chosen pieces of legislation contributed to future legislation (if at all).
The first piece of legislation highlighted in this essay is the Geary Act of 1892. For
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45) From America’s point of view at that time, it made sense to pass such legislation that prevented disease and even future crime. The passing of the Immigration Act of 1891 paved the way for even more restrictive legislation. The Geary Act of 1892. This act strengthened the already existing Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 by extending the ban on Chinese becoming citizens (Daniels, 1997, p. 14). It is now generally acknowledged that the Chinese exclusion act was an unfortunate mistake. The discrimination was uncalled for with the main reason being that the Chinese were stealing jobs (even though they were often jobs the Americans did not want). Other restrictions that applied to the general immigrant population were also passed at this time.
Another piece of key legislation was the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903. This was in response to the “assassination of of President McKinley by an American-born anarchist with a foreign name” (Daniels, 1997, p. 60). On March 3, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the Act into law. One might think something like this would already be in place, but it took a tragic event for real action to be taken. The Anarchist Exclusion Act denied Anarchists or people who support
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