Impact Of Sports In The 1920s

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“The 1920s has been called the Golden Age of American Sports”(Sumner par 1). The roaring twenties had many sports icons and many sports upcomings. Some highlights of the Golden Age are from baseball, football, basketball, boxing, golf, and horse racing. All these sports were relevant and popular during the 20s. Sports has had an impact on society since the 1920s and still has an impact on society today through exciting sports and exciting players. In the 1920s sports started to change. The twenties was the decade for sports that produced sports icons and hall of famers. Players such as Babe Ruth and Red Grange, boxer Jack Dempsey and horse racer Man o’ War were icons of the sport and the decade.
Boland wrote “Babe Ruth owned 1920s …show more content…

Golf also produced its legend from the era, Bobby Jones. “In the span of 8 years, Jones won 13 national championships, both in Europe and the United States. He was the original hot headed golfer, known to either play brilliantly, or to implode on the course”(Boland par 21). Bobby undoubtedly prevailed in golf and no one could stop him.
Another thing that change in The Golden age was the stadiums. “Spectator sports such as basketball, baseball and boxing reached new heights of popularity in the 1920s and massive stadiums were built in cities to cater for the increasing interest of people who wanted to watch and enjoy the excitement of spectator sports”(Alchin par 12). People started to go out and watch sports games and boxing matches. Madison Square Garden was built in 1925 and took 249 days to build.
Professional basketball started to develop. As said by Reema “Teams flourished across the country throughout the 1920s. There were thousands of men's professional basketball teams in towns and cities all over the United States. Sometimes Players jumped from team to team and teams played in different cities. Leagues sometimes came and went”(slide 9). Many teams started to develop like the Celtics and the Harlem Globetrotters.
Another part of sports in the 1920s was discrimination and prejudice. Alchin said in paragraph 20 of American sports of the 1920s “Racial prejudice against African Americans were prevalent as was discrimination from

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