Impact Of Technology And Economy On Ehealth And Future Predictions

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Impact of Technology and Economy on Ehealth and Future Predictions In-person visits to physicians in the future will decrease thanks to the growth of emerging technology, which helps patients review their health records electronically sometimes called Electronic Health or E-health (1). According to the study conducted by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, more than 70 percent physicians were making use of electronic records compare to 10 percent a decade ago (1). This is mainly because the increasing use of technology as more and more people are able to use their Mobile phones and also Internet is available in remote areas as well. If there are more of this e-health centers, then the demand for physician in person will become less enabling physicians to reach to the people in remote distance with just the mobile and internet.

Background and Context (2): During the past few years, the number of training slots for medical, nursing and osteopathic schools has gone up with the physician assistant and practitioner having higher slots (2, Workforce Policy). Even with this high training slot, analysts believe that there will be a shortage of physicians and specialties in some areas (2, Workforce Policy). The question here to be answered is how we can overcome this? This would be possible if more people have digital access to their health records (2). It is estimated that 17 percent US patients use Electronic records and more people would like to use it either by

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