Impact Of Technology On The Banking Industry

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Changing Technologies The change and advancement in technology are a significant factor in the banking business. Technology has led to tremendous improvements in this industry. Since the commencement of this millennium, people have shown great love for their mobile phones (Ozaki 1992). It necessitated the invention of mobile applications (APPs). From the introduction of the mobile banking, APP people rarely go to the banks. All their transactions get done simply by the stroke of a finger. Businesses face a challenge of adapting to changes in the technology sector. Mobile banking either through actual investing or any other means is on the rise. According to the most recent Federal Reserve study; most of us haven’t set foot in a banking hall in ages. It is a lost battle to banks that opt to use traditional methods to conduct their banking transactions (Gup 2003). By December of last year, close to half of all smartphone users in the United States had transacted some or all of their banking on their phones and iPhones. In the United Kingdom alone, rates of mobile banking transactions doubled over the course of a single year (Scn Education 2001). A banking business that invests in this type of technology gets assured of increasing their customer base. Continued Globalization of markets involving 1st and 2nd world entrants Globalization is the process through which the world is slowly but surely getting interconnected. The relation is as a result of the exchange of cultural
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