Impact Of Technology On The Classroom Environment

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Abstract: Education for the last century has been an important aspect of cultures all around the world. The difference in the last twenty years or so is that Technology has finally made it into schools with the introduction of computers into the classroom environment. The question remains, how far will technologies encroach onto the school environment, and what are the benefits, or harms, of having too many interactions with the newest technologies in the classroom? Discussion: The educational process in the last century has been forced to interact with the beginnings of the technology that the world knows and uses today: computers, phones and the internet. The rise of laptops, cell phones and tablets from these original designs does not just reside outside of scholastic atmospheres but, since the inception of their designs, begun its encroachment into schools. This newest technology though, has the ability to be used inside of schools today, and a tiny portion of it already is. The majority of schools today have computers for both teachers and students to use and learn from, research on and write papers on, yet teachers today may not have the knowledge to understand how the newest technologies today could be used to make not only their classes easier to comprehend, but make it more likely for students to interact with the topics discussed in the classroom. This paper discussed primarily how schools today should have an aspect of technology being used not
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