Impact Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Atlantic Slave Trade was a process that happened between the Europeans, Africans, and the New World. The Atlantic trade lasted for about 400 years affected people physically, mentally, and socially. About five to twenty-five million slaves landed in America being sold and placed on plantations that lasted until about the end of 19th century. This slave trade was a huge benefit for the Europeans that helped their economy grow, increase trade routes, and gain as much power as they could. The Atlantic Slave Trade is one of the most detrimental marks in history due to the amount of hatred and inhumane treatment of the African people. The role of slavery did make a significant impact on this society since this type of market was bringing an abundance of money for European countries. This slave trade was beneficial for the European economy to skyrocket, expand their territory and commerce in America and Africa.
European countries were seeking to find new ways of trade and eventually realized that the importation of humans would be a resourceful, powerful and economically efficient way to expand more territory for the Europeans. Since the New World was rising, there was more need for manual labor to increase agriculture production in 18th and 19th century. The Atlantic Slave Trade started in West Africa between the Africans and Portuguese on the coast. The Portuguese had already established sea routes to the east but when settlement in America began trading in the west become

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