Impact Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Be the change you desire to see in the world (Gandhi). Throughout the American history, the greatest number of people through an awkward to live peacefully. The Civil Right Movement in the United states has been a long, primarily nonviolent attempt to bring full civil rights and justice under the law to all Americans. The movement has sustained a lasting impact on the United States society. Before the civil right movement, the great migration of 1916- 1940, some blacks still lived in the south under the Jim crow, where state laws kept them sorted out in all areas of public life, such as a hospital, transportation and at the school. After the world war II had ended, soldiers were returning home from war; they have desired nothing more than…show more content…
Such the laws prohibit marriage between blacks and whites and set up many other limitations on social and religious communication between the races. Due to the jim crow laws, lifestyle for black people in the south after the civil war was hard. In December 1955 Rosa park, a 43-year black woman was riding the bus home in Montgomery, Alabama. When the driver commands her to give up her seat for a white man, police took her to a jail and eventually fined her fourteen dollars. The other object lesson is that it is easy to stand in the crowd. It takes Courage 's to stand alone. Now she is standing up for what is proper; even she stands alone. Now Rosa Park is renowned all over the world because of her bravery and earns respect from everyone.
Secondly, another reason that causes civil right movement in the United States of America is separate but equal. On that movement, not only people of color harm one physically but it left a wound one spiritually and scarred the soul. They were not treated the same way as the white citizenry. According to the civil right activist Elizabeth candy stone “All men and women are created equal”, but on that era, the U.S. History speaks itself According to the “A Narrative History Special Texas edition" in The Little Rock School, Black Americans were refused access to the white people school. They must share Water fountains, toilets, and even a restaurant. On that period, Blacks, and whites were not even allowed at the time to
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