Essay on The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement

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The way Americans lived 80 years ago has a significant impact on our society today. Major work from small-town residents during the 1930s, make it possible for Americans to live as comfortably as they do currently. Civil rights were improved and the fields of technology, science, and medicine soared. Ambitious geniuses were improving such topics, but little did they realize that they were actually shaping future American culture.The important achievements and discoveries made during the 1930s made life easier for Americans today.
Although the civil rights movement was at its peak during the 1960s, the civil accomplishments made during the 1930s were just as important. The NAACP had the most influence on the movement at the time. Being …show more content…

On account of the actions taken during the 1930s, life for every American nowadays, has been free of prejudice and intolerance. Without the NAACP’s achievements for civil rights, life for United States citizens would still be filled with terror and unfair favoritism.
Technology advancements during the 1930s include the development of various vehicles and synthetic materials. Glass fibers were produced into tiny strands, twisted in a bobbin, then turned into yarn. The end product is then mixed with plastics and called fiberglass. From the beginning until now of this practical invention, America has been using fiberglass to insulate their homes, manufacture automobiles, and constructed into fishing rods (American Cultural). Ever since the development of fiberglass, small town life in the U.S. has become less complicated. Without this simple invention, homes all over the United States would be still be unheated, and vehicles would be much less secure. On a larger note, in 1939, the Chance Vought and Sikorsky Divisions of the United Technology Corporation were united to produce America’s first successful helicopter, the VS-300 (Leishman 7). The new way of transportation was an immediate breakthrough for all of technology all over the world. Although the VS-300 was not able to stay off the ground for long periods of time, it sparked excitement in the hearts of small town people. With helicopters, goods were easily

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