Impact On The Cuban Embargo

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The Cuban Embargo Every world power has at least one means of communication with each other and that is made through trade. Furthermore, trade is an essential part of a thriving economy and is pertinent for a country to grow and prosper. It would even be argued that the concept of trade is established at a young age, and is exhibited in the school yard through many medias. One of the most common forms that trade takes place is through baseball cards. Moreover, each individual experiences trade during their lifetime, and it is vital for a growing country to participate in trade. Whilst trade can be an incredible assets towards a nation, it can also be one of the strongest foes. The nation of Cuba can speak very clearly on this argument, specifically in regards to the Cuban Embargo issued by the United States of America. The concept of trade and its effect on an economy can be examined through the Cuban Embargo due to the United States’ history with Cuba, the effect on Cuba, and the effect on the United States of America if it were to be ended. Almost all enemies and foes, at one time, would have considered themselves to be good friends, this situation exemplifies the relationship between the United States and Cuba. For instance, in January of 1959 Fidel Castro overtook the Cuban government and President General Fulgencio Batista (U.S.-Cuba Reltions, Suddath). Furthermore, Castro was able to do this with the help of the United States imposing a 1958 embargo on

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