Impact of Globalization on Business and Management Education

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Impact of Globalization on Business and Management Education
The business sector in India is highly promising in the present scenario. The impact of globalization has changed the business procedure in India in terms of psychology, methodology, technology, mindset work culture etc. Newer challenges, newer opportunities are day-by-day in front of Indian industries, which are profitable and prospective.
The fundamental scope of doing business in India is lying with its people. The huge population of India has created a large unsaturated market of consumers. This is one of the reasons why global companies are very much interested in doing business in India. In the post globalization era this scope has increased immensely for global
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Competitive forces are expected to take Indian industry out of inertia and place it on a dynamic growth path. In this context, it is important to know how far economic liberalization and globalization has succeeded in changing the market structure so as to allow more competitive free play. Market competition is in turn expected to influence the performance of industry positively. It is proposed to study changes in the market structure for different industries in terms of the number of units, size structure and ownership patterns in the 1990s as compared with the 1980s, using unit level data for the organized industry. This is to be followed up by a study of the performance of these units / industries in terms of efficiency and productivity. A related question to be examined is how the new economic environment has influenced the entry and exit of firms, their competitive strategies, and their pricing behavior.
Reforms and the Corporate Sector
The corporate sector constitutes a dominant part of industry. Financial sector reforms along with the development of the capital market are changing the structure of corporate financing. This has led to a separation of ownership and the management and has given rise to the issue of corporate governance, among others. Corporate governance essentially deals with the ways of governing the corporations so as to improve their financial performance. The need for governance arises mainly due
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