Imperialism In The 19th Century

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Imperialism has been a long standing ideology that is able to withstand the tests of time due to the applicability of the concept. The general definition of Imperialism, as provided by Merriam-Webster, is the practice in which a country furthers its power by the means of control and domination in other regions of the world. This took on a new form as the nineteenth-century approached, as Traditions & Encounters a Global Perspective on the Past elaborated, it mainly pertained to European powers at this time and their control over colonial land and the world of influence. 19th century imperialists had three main foci, these being economic, political, and cultural motifs, these foci dominated the reasons for imperialism in the nineteenth-century and determined how nations would interact with the world and others; these foci would often find conflicts with each other and overlap causing disruption in the goals of the nations involved. …show more content…

Imperialists suggested that the colonies could be used to the advantage of mother nations due to the fact that they could possibly provide raw resources that are rare or unavailable in Europe’s area of residence. Thus, they started to expand, rapidly making colonies to gain more resources and places of trade, this formed a system called a global economy. under the video of “The 19th Century World Economy: Major Changes & Their Impact”, defined a global economy as one that integrates trade goods, services, and money. This makes the world more intertwined and the imperialists used this to form their next point that colonies would take in manufactured goods and give off raw resources, benefiting the colony and the mother nation in the

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