Effects Of American Imperialism

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The domination of a country’s or region’s political, cultural, or economic life by one country is called imperialism. (Esler, page. 632) European imperialism began in the 1800s. “European nations won empires in the Americas after1492, established colonies in India and Southeast Asia, and gained toeholds on the coast of Africa and China. Despite these gains, between 1500 and 1800, Europe had little influence on the lives of the peoples of China, India or Africa.” (Esler, page.632) Then the Europeans industrialized and believe western cultures were superior to all other. They felt the other countries were inferior to them and began the spread of westernization. There were many causes of imperialism. A major cause of imperialism …show more content…

“They applied Darwin’s ideas about natural selection and the survival of the fittest to human societies and nations.” (Esler, page. 633) Natural selection is when individuals or organisms that are better suited to their environment survive a reproduce the most successfully. European believed they were superior to all other countries. They set out to spread western cultures and millions were robbed of their own culture.
The British East India Company gained trading rights on the Mughal empire. The company expanded its influence; it controlled three fifths of India by the mid 1800s, as the Mughal power declined. India was not able to unite because there were too many languages and cultures. Even though many effects of the East India Company were negative, many positive effects came out of it too. “The East India Company’s main goal in India was to make money, and leading officials often got very rich. At the same time, the company did work to improve roads, preserve peace, and reduce banditry.” (Esler, pg. 633) British officials introduced western education, pressed for social change, missionaries tried to convert Indians to Christianity, tried to end slavery, the caste system, and improve the position of women within the family.
Indians resisted British domination. British hurt the business class, by not allowing them in large-scaling manufacturing. They also kept educated Indians out of high posts. Some British laws violated

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