Implementation Of The Reporting And Subsequent

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Implementation of the reporting and subsequent use of pharmacogenomic variants of significance will take a multistep process, and require leadership and buy-in to optimize implementation. The following necessary steps have been described to successfully implement preemptive Pharmacogenomics testing.2 First, there must be a systematic process for genotyping and for migrating test results into the EHR. There must be a permissive institutional infrastructure that will support clinical implementation. There must be a governing committee (usually a subcommittee of the P&T committee), which provides oversight regarding which test results are part of the EHR, and which drugs are linked to CDS alerts. This committee must have a …show more content…

Stakeholders will include clinical informatics and bioinformatics experts, providers (both specialists such as genetic counselors and geneticists, and generalists), pharmacists, information security and privacy personnel, and laboratorians.
The process of developing the EHR interface and CDS content will need to involve users, decision makers, and evaluators. The users will need to be asked about the tasks they do on a daily basis to provide patient care, and about the clinical decisions that would benefit from computer decision support.
Stakeholder/users should be surveyed to find out their needs, by asking questions in the following areas: What information do you need that you don’t have? Where in the EHR would pharmacogenomic information be located? Would a link-out to a curated definitive information source help? Or would you prefer a more concise summary linked to the moment of prescribing? Or both? How will you decide which drugs-gene pairs to implement alerts for in the EHR? What process will be used to update the system? Who will be responsible? How will new genomic results be put into the EHR, and converted to phenotypes with defined actions? Who will make sure that the pharmacogenomic actions are kept up to date with the rapidly advancing field? What do you want the CDS tool to look like? What level of alerts do you

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