Implementing A Certified Electronic Health Record System

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Introduction Meaningful use is the process of implementing a certified electronic health record system in a healthcare organization that is able to improve patients’ safety, to ensure that their data and the information is secure and private. Meaningful use also ensures that healthcare organizations improve patients’ outcomes as well as the population on a whole. It allows patients to be more engage as well as their family and to ensure that the patient has a better outcome. This paper will address the progress of majority of the health system on meaningful regulation and the barriers successful use.
Meaningful Use Regulation It is important to understand that, meaningful use regulation established objectives that healthcare organizations such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities have to meet in order to be qualified for the center for Medicare and Medicaid services. Many healthcare organizations are making progress when it comes to meaningful regulations. There was a recent survey that shows that a lot of healthcare organization began using some type of electronic health record so as to be able to input patients, data, information, allows healthcare providers to establish clinical notes and to be able to write prescription and transfer patients’ information from one provider to another (Lopez, 2014). Another way healthcare organizations such as hospital are meeting the meaningful use regulations is the implementation of the epic system. Many hospitals are now…
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