Implementing New Technologies

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Module 4 - Impementing technology Implementation Problems * Barriers to technology transfer... * Problems in the implementations of technology development projects... * Technology development project problems * Understanding costs, risks, benefits... * Understanding the application... * Lack of appropriate measures of progress... * GO/NO-GO decision making... * Communication... * Management commitment... * Slipping schedule... * Problems in implementation of developed process technology... * Developed process technology project problems * Resistance to change... * Logistics... * Inadequate resources... * Lack of appropriate…show more content…
As the project proceeds new information will be developed that will convert some of the unknowns into knowns and will change some of the assumptions. Use this information to update the plan so that management is always dealing with the best information. Be sure to include manufacturing costs in the discussions. In order for management to fully understand the costs they need to see the costs from the beginning through to installation of the resulting technology. To properly estimate the benefits, the revenue impact on the company resulting from the technology development must be made. This entails conceiving the product(s) that will be possible with the technology, estimating their market and the impact on the company. The company's marketing personnel must be key players in this process. The same process of establishing what is known, defining the best-and worst-case scenarios for the unknowns, documenting, and constantly updating as more information is developed, should be used for benefits as was proposed for costs. Management needs to understand the costs of the technology development in light of the benefits to fully assess the value of the project. Top Technology development project problems: Understanding costs, risks, benefits... A related issue to consider is the fact that researchers do not tend to think about costs or benefits. They are more motivated by the new discoveries that could result from their
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