Implementing Universal Healthcare Coverage For All Citizens

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The United States is in a period of transition in regards to healthcare. After the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more widely known as “ObamaCare”, in 2010, many dissenting politicians looked towards Europe to find critiques of the universal systems already in place. The Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom were the main targets of allegations that the United States was attempting to become socialist. However, there is an alternative path to universal healthcare that may provide a better option for the United States during this time of policy reform. I argue that the United States should seek to emulate the Netherlands in implementing universal healthcare coverage for all citizens. Although the United States has attempted to enact healthcare reforms similar to that of the Netherlands, the current trials in the Supreme Court threaten to undermine these reforms. By comparing the health statistics of the United States and the Netherlands, I hope to provide a convincing argument that the reforms enacted by the ACA, which emulate the Dutch reforms, should improve the healthcare system and overall health of the county.
There are two models of healthcare that fall into the realm of universal healthcare, the Beveridge Model and the Bismarck Model. In the Beveridge model the government, which is the sole payer of the system, owns most of the hospitals and clinics (PNHP, 2010). I maintain that the United States is very unlikely to adopt this model, and

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