Implicit Association Test Paper

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An Implicit Association Test (IAT) measures the strength of association between concepts and evaluations, the idea is that eliciting a response that is closely related is much easier than not (Project Implicit, n.d.). The IAT chosen for this paper is Gender-Career IAT which often reveals a relative link between family and females and between career and males. In order to evaluate this link, the IAT asks the test subject a series of ten questions, some demographic and others that require an automatic response. During the section of the test requiring an automatic response, the test measures how quickly the subjects responds to male/career and female/family concepts and male/family and female/career concepts. This paper will explore the test …show more content…

Thus explaining that regardless of one’s skill set they base the choice of career or lack of career on their cultural beliefs and when a male or female steps outside of the boundary that society has placed they are chastised for their decision. For example, in 2013 94% of nurses were females and only 6% were males, Wilson (2013) indicated the primary reason for this being that society views nursing as a care taking role with the best nurses having a maternal instinct (p. 1). Therefore, placing a more family orientated role on the nursing field. Although, Wilson (2013) also established that regardless of nursing being a more female orientated career, males still made approximately $1,100 more than their female counterparts. Leading to the realization that society even in a female oriented career field still places more value on men than women when it comes to a career driven …show more content…

Not to say that he does not care about his family, just that his career is his main focus now and that he believes that his career is what helps the family. In all honestly, his career is what has allowed us to live so comfortably and I do not mind taking on a more household roll in order to push his career up. I also believe that society has allowed me to feel comfortable in this role and even supported by my cultural biases, especially since all of the females in my family take on a similar

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