Importance And Importance Of Physical Fitness

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Health and physical fitness have a vital role in the life of men. And the progress of the nation lays the hands of people; every individual should develop physical fitness for a happy and effective living. That’s why physical activity is very important in South African context. For a person to be physically fit one has to be involved in physical activities. Physical activity is very important for our overall development and growth, as it moves our different parts of the bodies, sitting up, holding, jumping, rolling, running, crawling and walking. Physical activity provides general health benefit across a range of diseases and the greatest health benefits happen when we are active.
Physical activity is any movement of the body that requires energy expenditure. This include every moves we make during our days of our lives excluding sitting or sleeping, examples of movement included may be taking the stairs, walking to class, cleaning, even cooking can be considered as physical activity. Exercise is a type of a physical activity, but not every physical activity is an exercise. Exercise is organized, structure and repetitive physical activity which has been planned for the purpose of improving or maintaining your body physical fitness. …show more content…

Workers take fewer sick leaves, fewer industrial injuries and lower staff turnover. Physical activity promotes strength, coordination and balance, this is particularly important for old people, it helps them to maintain their capacity to carry out common activities of daily living and also reduce their risk of falls. Physical activity helps older people sustain an independent lifestyle for longer. People who involve themselves in physical activities have a thirty percent to forty percent lower risk of developing type two diabetes unlike inactive

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