Importance Of A College Education

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I feel that getting a good college education is important because it will make sure you have a successful life after that if you only graduate from high school.It also makes you challenge yourself and it could inspire you.Getting a higher education will give you more choices in life than if you only went to high school and even though you’ll have to pay off your student loan debt, you’ll make more money than if you only graduate from high school.You will also discover new passions and build more knowledge, skills, and brainpower and going to college can also help you live a healthier and happier life.

My first reasoning I thought was important on why you should go to college is you earn more money and will have a better chance at getting a job before someone who only has a high school diploma will.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, the median weekly earnings with some college but with no degree were $712, compared to $1,038 for a college graduate.After college, most people will have a better chance at getting a job,“In most respects,” The Hamilton Project has found, “a college degree has never been more valuable.”College is so expensive but, it’s worth it because having a college degree rather than just a high school diploma,you’re most likely going to get a job that pays really well.According to BLS data has shown that workers with more education have lower unemployment and higher earnings than workers with less education. People with higher levels of

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