Importance Of Anglo-Saxon Loyalty In Beowulf

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The Anglo Saxons were an interesting people that were loyal to their lord. Each group had a leader that commanded and directed the warriors. Loyalty was an important part of the Anglo Saxons culture. In Beowulf, the Anglo Saxons were expected to remain loyal to their leader as he was responsible for protecting them in battle. The leaders of the Anglo Saxons were admired for their courage and determination as they guided the group of warriors in their endeavors. In “The Wife’s Lament”, the wife remains loyal to her lord even though she is treated harshly by him. She chased after him when he left, and continued to love him after he ostracized her. As evident in Beowulf and “The Wife’s Lament”, the Anglo Saxons greatly relied on a noble leader to protect them from danger and direct them towards success; as a result, the followers were loyal to their lord by showing reverence and admiration as well as honouring their legacy, even if the lord neglected to fulfill his duties. Throughout their journey and various battles, Beowulf and Wiglaf remained loyal to their lords. While in Denmark, Beowulf remains loyal to his king, Higlac, and the other warriors remain loyal to Beowulf. During his formal boast, Beowulf told his men that “my hands shall fight for me” as “My lord Higlac, might think less of me” (246-270) if he fought with weapons. Beowulf wanted to impress his lord and not disappoint him in battle. He feared that he would bring shame to his lord if he fought with weapons or

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