Importance Of Censorship In The Society

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How Censorship Can Be Harmful To Society.
Many people go on living out their lives without knowing about censorship. What is censorship? Censorship is a suppression of speech, public communication, Meaning that certain material may be considered harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect, or inconvenient which is to be determined by government authorities. Censorship can be bad in may ways because it can keep people from knowing the truth.
Censorship has a good way at keeping things from people which can cause some bad outcome in the future if used incorrectly. Parents love censorship because it keeps their kids from learning or seeing any sexual-related topics. If sexual-relate topics are censord then it becomes hard to teach children and young adults about safe sex and the dangers in participating in sexual acts like getting sexualy transmitted diseases such as HIV and Aids. “ There has never been so many influences speaking freely to the children out of an earshot”(Sigman).This quote simply states that parents are not always with theire kids like at school or at a friends house and nobody ever knows what is said and done at that place. If children are not being taught the proper way to be protected during in sexual-related acts then someone could tell them something that is not true which could lead to some bad consequences in the future. The children and young adults deserve to know the truth behind sexual-related topics because, They are going to partake in these acts as

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