Importance Of Criticism In Communication

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Why Criticism is Essential
Communication has always been a process that benefits its users. Although beneficial, some types of communication are not always pleasant. One example of this is criticism. Many people do not like to hear criticism, but it is necessary. Accordingly, acknowledging criticism causes personal improvements to abilities of all types. So how does this exactly happen?
Humans learn through their own experiences and others people’s experiences. While both are necessary, the most efficient method is learning through others processes. Through this, people can change their behavior to adapt to a situation that others have been through without actually experiencing them. This is an extremely powerful process because humans can use other’s knowledge to help them in future situations while saving a lot of time and energy. This information is constantly spread and causes a large cycling effect that reuses knowledge. We spread this information verbally in many different ways, but one of the most used tactics is criticism. Criticism is one of the most essential due to how it directly points out what others are doing wrong through someone else’s experiences. Due to its nature, this response makes people re-evaluate how they are acting and causes them to learn from both their past experiences and someone else’s. This message causes the target to decide to either trust the knowledge of the accuser or to use their own knowledge. Furthermore, when the accused logic

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