Importance Of Cultural Awareness In Germany

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Cultural Awareness

7.442 billion is the number of people in the world today, but out of all of those people each is uniquely different in many ways such as gender, height, personality, sexuality, and even by their culture. Within culture there lie 4 components that make up a culture which includes values, beliefs, behaviors and norms. Each culture is different in its own way which means there is always something new to learn about other cultures that you have never experienced, and it’s important to have knowledge about other cultures because you will have a better understanding of how people do things differently around the world. Today I will be discussing Germany and many different aspects of its culture and why it’s important including geography, languages, religions etc.

The location of Germany Is exactly in the center of Europe and is the second largest country in population, coming in second after Russia. Geographically, Germany is the 7th largest in size in Europe. Most of the land is used as farmland but also has numerous rivers which were formed by retreating glaciers from the last Ice Age. This is mostly in Northern Germany while in the southern and eastern area there are many hills and mountains. All across Germany there are many man made canals made to connect waterways for commercial and local traffic. Germany used to be divided into 2 sides which were East and West, until 1898 when the two had unified and became 16 states combining the two sides. North

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