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Design Questions Criterion D Evaluate How successful was your presentation and how did your presentation communicate equality and fairness of all? [Also added with the challenges that we faced and process of getting to the final product] The things that we found good was that our editing was good as for the fact that we didn’t have any spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors. But what we think we could improve on is that we should of made a backup plan if Animaker didn’t work. We were left with lots of options on what program to do our presentation on which was time-consuming. The challenges that we found was to decide on a program and to operate the program properly. We were first doing Animaker but due to unknown white …show more content…

Overall for our presentation our audience gave us a Very good which we are greatly proud of and appreciate. We are glad that our audience didn’t give us an excellent because we certainly were low in presentation skills when compared to others. Improvements Furthermore, our audience commented us on to make the slides longer but again we can’t do anything about that because the Wifi made the slide stuck and made it speed off. We do agree with that statement but we do apologise for the technical errors. Also we weren’t allowed to do a voiceover on Animaker because as we have reached our maximum limit of adding images, text and slides. This didn’t allow us to do a voice over. We were also glad that our audience got our message and learned some new and extraordinary facts. To make our feedback fair we actually gave students who don’t talk with us much because we want to know our strengths and weaknesses. Some may have been our friends but most weren’t. Write a paragraph debating “What is the most powerful tool we can use to communicate meaning to an audience? Whether you are persuading your peers that your topic was a struggle or impact the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. Those tool beside the program are your key to make an audience engaged and make a powerful meaning. Digital presentations are the new technology in the 20th century used to communicate

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