Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Methods Of, And Media For Making Presentations Essay

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Analyse the advantages and limitations of different methods of, and media for, making presentations
A variety of communication media can be considered when planning to produce a presentation, for example verbal communication and written communication, each type of communication media has its advantages and limitations. When developing my presentation I decided to use both verbal and written communication, although both communication methods were used I had to ensure that they were used in the correct quantities. To keep my presentation engaging I tried to use as much visual representation as possible limiting the amount of text per slide. I chose to use PowerPoint because of its combination of written and verbal communication (not to mention the cost effectiveness of choosing PowerPoint and simplistic interface); the written aspects included the text on the slides, screenshots and images. The screenshots proved particularly useful as they was of the actual database used in the daily running of the Apprenticeships Store, once paired with the demonstration of inputting data into the database it ensured greater understanding due to more practical learning as opposed to theoretical learning. More detail was provided in my handouts ensuring I didn’t give too much information at once and this allowed the audience to document any supplementary information I said during the presentation, by speaking and interpreting what was on the slides ensured the presentation remained fluid and

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