Importance Of Homeland Security Preparedness Cycles

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The Homeland Security Bill meets the four catergories because by having prevention applies readily to terrorism and transnational cime, but it also applies to natural disasters as well (Cordner, 2016.) Terrorism and crime are intentional acts that are committed by people and having prevention on the preparedness cycles helps prevent terrorist attacks from happening as well as being ready for a natural disaster when it occurs. There are no ways of preventing natural disasters from happening the only thing we can do is to prevent or reduce the harm that are caused by the disasters. With terrorism we have to do all we can to connect the dots and make sure there are no threats to the country.
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Police are on duty and avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The officers are the only “first responders” that are working every second so they have the responsibility to be at any accident, even the situations that are outside of the normal duties. The National Response Framework is very help when it comes to being responsive. They are intended to work in connection with the National Incident Management System (Cordner, 2016.) Being able to be a fast responder is benefical to not only the protection of our country but also the law enforcement officers working for our country. By communicating with the NRF helps police departments, fire departments, health services, emergency room management as well as any other personnel that needs to be notified when it comes to an incident. The value of the Incident Command System is very evident to most police agencies that ave ever had to deal with a hostage crisis or other life-threatening even that required coordinated resposes and approach (Cordner, 2016.) In any natural disaster or any terroristic threat effected by our country every level of the law enforcement agencies should be notified, from the local, state, and as well as the federal and be responsive to the two …show more content…

The police role in recovery from terrororism and disasters is secondary. Primary responsibilitiy for the community and economic recovery falls on FEMA, Red Cross, other chariatable organizations, insurance companies, private businesses, state and local governments as well as individuals (Cordner, 2016.) In this stage, recovery is to help the country get back to their daily lives and recover from any terroristic threat or natural disaster that has effected our country. The law enforcment agencies set certain rules and regulations in regards to the citizens safety by setting curfews, help regulate traffic as well as help families for days or even months until the country is fully recovered. A very important aspect of recovery for police departments and a specific responsibility of law enforcement is continuity of operations (Cordner, 2016.) The community depends on the law enforcement agencies to help protect and provide in the days and/or months after the disaster or terroistic attacks. Law enforcement agecnies must constrict a plan to make sure they are able to help everyone recover in a timely manner but at the same time keeping the citizens safe and

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