After The 9/11 Attack, Many Agencies Didn'T Know What To

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After the 9/11 attack, many agencies didn 't know what to do with the situation of the towers been blown up by airplanes and that terrorism was the cause of it, that 's why President Bush created a new defense called Homeland Security to prevent that from happening again. He had to arrange everything in the Criminal Justice system to place it together, but in order for everything to go out smoothly federal agencies will need the help of local law enforcement because they will be the first responders on the crime scene when something bad happens. Local law enforcement usually have it concerns with preventing or solving crimes such as burglary, theft, robbery, and homicide crimes, these crimes usually have an impact on the local community,…show more content…
It can help build trust between community and police officers so that police officers can know what 's going on in the community and people in the community can provide information if people are doing terrorist actions. Community policing not only form a partnership between police and the community but it also form a collaboration with state and federal agencies, this collaboration can help collect and exchange information, threats and the resources in the event of a terrorist attack. If you compare the two traditional crime and terrorism are the same because some departments have adopted community policing to address terrorism and terrorism- related crimes, some officers already have the skill to solve terrorism problems, develop appropriate responses and reflect the mission, goals and the objectives of the department.
There has been much less consideration in the role of state and local government, which play a major role in preventing and responding to a terrorist attack. Community policing and other federal agencies can share many strategies such as transforming the agencies to take on new mission should be part of the homeland security strategy because fighting local crimes is the more effective approach in dealing fear and social disorder. When law enforcement are being trained toward a national role in homeland

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