Importance Of Interfaith Marriage

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Views On the Importance of Interfaith Marriage A person’s beliefs are a major part of who they are and how they live. Without a belief system to hold on to, an individual might have a skewed idea of morality. A life long spouse should agree with the beliefs and morals of the other spouse to obtain the closest and most intimate relationship possible. Many people do not realize the concept that “...marriage isn’t just about romance, but about gospel and mission” (Moore). Interfaith marriages - a marriage in which the man and woman do not share the same religion - are precarious because they cause so many problems in the couple’s relationship. It is very important to marry someone with the same religion because there will be no dispute over which religion to raise the children in, there will be few problems concerning rituals, traditions, and holidays within the religion, and the couple will have the same religious beliefs and very similar approaches to situations in life.
If, or when, a couple in an interfaith marriage have children, they will have to decide how to raise each of their children, and whose religion to raise them in, if any. “Figuring out how to raise the kids in a mixed-faith household is difficult,” Naomi Schaefer Riley says (“Interfaith Marriages are Rising Fast…”). She explains in “Interfaith Unions: A Mixed Blessing” that in a survey she conducted, less than half of the couples involved had discussed what faith to raise their children in before marrying.

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