Importance Of Low Performing Students

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Identify Areas of Research in Your Specialization
Almeader Howard
Northcentral University

Low Performing Students In every school and in every classroom, it becomes apparent that the grouping of students becomes necessary. The necessity arises as the pressure mounts to improve student achievement. The pressure increases as the school and district release standard testing results to the public. Once this data becomes public knowledge the schools in the district are ranked by their levels of achievement. One of the ratings is a school with a high number of scores below grade level being labelled as a low performing school. The school then labels the students who score below grade level as low performing. According to Papay, Mumane & Willett “…students receive abundant information about their educational performance, but how this information affects future educational performance-investment decisions is not well understood” (Papay, Mumane & Willett, 2016). My interest in this subject is related to the determination that once students are labelled as low performing will it affect their desire to improve their academic achievement level or hinder their progress.
Experience with the Topic My experience with low performing students is vast. The majority, of my professional experience has been as a teacher or administrator working with low performing students. I feel that I

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