Importance Of Mental Health Essay

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Since we’ve been children, we’ve always been taught the importance of keeping up the physical health of our bodies. Whether it was a motivational speaker coming to talk to us about how important it is to have a healthy and balanced diet in middle school, or our elementary school teachers telling us about the importance of physical activity along with the benefits and health factors of fruits and vegetables, the importance of good health has always been stressed. Unfortunately, while people stressed the importance of physical health, mental health does not receive the same treatment. This has caused many people not to know about the importance of treating your mental health, which should be emphasized just as much the importance of …show more content…

Therefore, by allowing time for yourself and allowing yourself to be fully happy, you are able to strengthen the bonds you have with others.
Many people often have stereotypes or stigmas regarding mental illnesses. There is a general public stigma that is overall expressed by people who may not have full knowledge over the importance of mental health. When referring to the stigma, people will usually say that those with mental illnesses are irresponsible, should be cared for, or should be feared and kept out of the direct community. All of these stigmas having to do with mental illnesses are false. Many people with mental illnesses are able to hold stable jobs, graduate from high school and college, and even live as good neighbors in a community. By creating this stigma, people are adding to the everyday challenges that people with mental illnesses are going through. We should aim to educate and stop the prejudice that is brought about by those who are not fully aware of the importance of mental health.
A large problem with the stigma against mental illnesses comes from the federal government's lack of funding for those suffering. Laws put in place, such as Medicare, do things such as limit the amount of days a patient may be able to see someone who can provide them with the care needed, even though this is not a limit on physical health.

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