Importance Of Monuments Placed In Public Monuments

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AP English Free Response Answer #1 Monuments placed in public spaces such as parks and museums give people the ability to be transported to the past, able to witness and experience events that have had large effects on the course of history. In the creation of a memorial or monument, a variety of factors and options must be taken into account in order for the monument to achieve its intended purpose. One must determine whether the monument is placed in a desirable location, is historically accurate, is aesthetically pleasing, and – perhaps most importantly- is able to successfully convey its intended meaning. These factors, and many more, play large roles in defining the success or failure of a memorial. Every memorial’s intended purpose is to have a lasting impact on those who visit it and to draw the viewer’s attention to a particular person, historical period, or event. Monuments are particularly intended to evoke emotion and to pay homage to a previous event or person. Even though this may be the case, there are not any specific restrictions placed on the location or time in which a monument can be erected. The location for the Lincoln Memorial famously did not exist while the U.S. President was alive, and lacks any sort of actual relic relating to him (Source A). Though the memorial may serve to celebrate the work of a very important and influential American figure, Kirk Savage claims that the monument is a “pure representation” of the figure’s power and legacy and

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