Importance Of Moral Laws In Our Society

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Should Moral Laws Govern Our Society? What are morals? Morals are beliefs that people hold that govern what is right or wrong for them and have been around as long as people have been around. We gather our morals from many places such as religion, our parents, experience, society or even TV shows. Everyone has a different set of morals. For example, some people think it is wrong to consume animal products, while others have no issue with consuming animal products. Unjust laws arise when individuals have the authority to legislate state laws based on their own set of morals. This could result in state laws that oppress a certain subset of society. State laws should be reflection of our morals as a society, and as our morals change, so do the laws. Once, being gay was a crime. Then the morals of society changed, and so the law changed to reflect our society. Although moral laws can have an effect on state laws, we should not base our source of authority on moral laws. Society should base its authority on state laws, not moral laws, because moral laws vary based on the individual. An individual’s moral laws do not always match the laws of society, and state laws can be changed to reflect our society’s beliefs. If we are supposed to follow state law what happens when state law goes against our morals. If we do not base our laws on morals then unmoral law can become legal. In Germany between the years, 1933 and 1944 came under the rule of by the dictator Adolf Hitler who
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