Importance Of Personal Decision Making Styles

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Knowing your personality, learning style or decision making style can aid you in finding a career or major that you want. If a person knows their learning style, they can make their own strategies to assist them in learning new material in class. In addition to knowing their personality or decision making style allows them to understand their way of thinking and why they act the way they do. Decision Making styles are based on a process of gathering information to make a decision. My cluster is analytical styles. I tend to analyze the situation before coming to a final decision. People who are also in the analytical cluster make pros and cons lists, base their decision on the information that has been given and also make a list of the possible consequences. This is partially true, I often analyze the situation before coming to a decision but I’m also impulsive. I make decisions based on what feels right at the time and sometimes I change my goals after that certain decision. Being an analytical person is great for the careers that were suggested to me. Based on the career cluster, anything that has to do with natural resources is a good fit for me. It’s true, my interest is in either the medical or science fields that require careful thinking and are based on the research. Based on the learning style quiz, I’m an auditory learner. Auditory learners have outstanding results when taught through spoken directions, lectures or presentations. This happens to be true, it’s

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