Importance Of Police Mistrust The Police

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Although the police are, for the most part, respected here in Victoria, Texas, there are always more things to be done in order to effectively create a solid relationship with the ones who protect and the ones who need protection. There continues to be mistrust within the community not only from the public, but from the police regarding the public as well. Through research, I would like to gather data on why people within the public mistrust the police and why the police mistrust the public. Considering this is a local issue within the community the scope of research will be relative to Texas and not go beyond the United States. I will also only include information relevant to this time, and because of that will leave out research conducted before the year 2000. Using this data and analysis I would like to promote good relations as well as effective methods on how to obtain good relations between the public and police. Good relations are vital for police and civilians. The information gathered would benefit both parties greatly and could have positive effects such as less time wasted during traffic stops and less force being required. Some obstacles that may prevent a better relationship from being established would be the individuals, both within the community and within the police department, who are closed-minded and tend to indulge in confirmation bias. Many who already have their mind made up either about the police or about the public, will often stick to their beliefs

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