Importance Of Political Correctness

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Political Correctness: The Need for a Balanced Approach Since the advent of language, individuals have regularly stood ready to label certain language as “impolite.” In response, society has generated a means of circumventing such “improper” language which has become known as political correctness today. The term political correctness has become widely used since the 1990s in the United States and suggests the evasion of language and actions that aim to ignore, sideline, or offend groups of people who are underprivileged or discriminated against in society. Recently, the term has progressed into a cultural war between the political left and right leading to confrontational debates where free speech battles courtesy and inclusion. Political correctness can be beneficial when employed as a means of politeness and inclusion by willing to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, however, when excessive it acts as censorship, negates history, and becomes ineffective by portraying the false image of a civil society. Political correctness when used appropriately, has the potential to make a society civil and inclusive. Politically correct language’s goal is to structure public discourse to shield marginalized or historically oppressed groups form offense or insult. Due recent events such as the 2016 Presidential Election, political correctness comes off as an encroachment to free speech, yet, when utilized appropriately it can actually enhance free speech and allow for a

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