Importance Of Privacy And Confidentiality Of Patients

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Privacy and Confidentiality of the patients As health care professionals, we have the opportunity to defend, advocate, protect patient rights, enhance dignity and autonomy in our patients. “The American Nurses association (ANA) believes that protection of privacy and confidentiality is essential to maintaining the trusting relationship between health care providers and patients and integral to professional practice” (ANA, 2015). Healthcare providers have the obligation to protect the confidentiality of their patients, and duty to ensure HIPPA privacy is protected. Privacy and confidentiality are basic rights of each human being and health care provider who do not comply with HIPAA regulations or make unauthorized disclosures risk civil and criminal liability. The purpose of this research essay is to reinforce legal aspects of nursing in privacy and confidentiality of individual and HIPPA violation.
Patient Confidentiality
Patient confidentiality and their privacy are very serious matter in the eye of the law. “Security breaches threaten patient privacy when confidential health information is made available to others without the individual's consent or authorization” (Ozair, Jamshed, Sharma, & Aggarwal, 2015). Therefore, all healthcare staff members must review policies that addresses employee confidentiality, protection of patient privacy and rights. “Every nurse must be aware of that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and how to maintain the confidentiality of patients. Furthermore, HIPPA offers protection and limitation of personal health information, and security to each patient. Besides every healthcare provider must to abide series privacy standards and HIPPA guidelines. “HIPAA requires health care organizations to offer education about private health information (PHI) to all employees and that employees review PHI policies annually”(Hood, Leddy, & Pepper, 2014). HIPPA Violation can occur with employees who are not really familiar with their regulations such as: volunteers, students, interns and employees who have access to patient information. Therefore, each of those people must be in compliance of training and obtain of understanding about privacy and security of patient
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