Importance Of Thanksgiving

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“When I’m asked whether my glass is half full or half empty, my only response is that I am thankful to have a cup,” - Anonymous. It’s very important to be thankful for what we have. Many people are homeless, without food, water, and without families. Each and everything thing we have are gifts from God, and we should be grateful to show that we appreciate the things we have. Especially since God did not need to give you certain things, like a house or food, and many people don’t have those things. Some kids are orphans, and don’t even have a family. They have nobody to love them, and give them care and support. I am most thankful for my grandparents, family, and my friends. One of the things I am most grateful for are my grandparents, because they are loving, give me advice when I need it, and are kind to me. The time I spent with them brings me great joy, and the bond I have with them is unbreakable. Spending time with them allows me to tell them anything. I can also look to them for guidance when I need it. If I get into a fight with my parents, and need someone to talk to, I can talk to them. They help me when I’m stressed, and give really great advice. They are very wise and can assist me in many different ways. I am also thankful for many other things, like the other …show more content…

They are very loving, supportive, and honest. Loving and caring, my parents show their love in multiple different ways. Going to see a play, or going to a fancy dinner are one my favorite things that my parents do for me. My parents are always super kind, and help me out with many things. They are always super supportive and try to help me find success in whatever I chose. Although I am not very good at many things, my family helps me do all the things that I enjoy. I love art, so my parents pay for art lessons, and good quality supplies. In addition to being very thankful for my family, I am also very thankful for my

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