Importance Of The Birth Of Modern Science

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1. Why are bridge laws important for Fodor? Explain in detail.
• Bridge laws are important because they are required for reductionism to work. Bridge laws let us know that everything is equivalent. Without these, everything wouldn’t be able to all be reduced to the same level. Without bridge laws it wouldn’t be possible for us to make generalizations because there is no way or point to make that everything is equivalent. We wouldn’t be able to reduce concepts without these. With that being stated, reductionism isn’t possible far as now according to Fodor. 2. Why is the birth of modern science (c.1500-1700) important to how we understand knowledge and disciplinary divisions today? Explain in detail.
The birth of modern science is important to how we understand knowledge and disciplinary divisions today because it lays out the reason why we have to take the classes we take now. With science stripping out the teleological element and just pushing everything down to facts, it left the question of what should we do with everything that was removed. With that, the answer resulted in having the humanities provide this for us as it holds the teleological element and essentially keeps the part of the human qualia alive. Due to all of this, we have to take two extra years’ worth of schooling for the benefit from the supplement of the teleological half. If we didn’t have the extra two years, we would finish the training and knowledge we need for our careers in two years instead of

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