Importance Of The National Anthem

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The National Anthem of the United States has always been respected by the American people. Standing during the National Anthem is done to show respect to the United States and to the servicemen and women who have fought for the people's freedom. There is controversy today in the National Football League with players kneeling during the National Anthem in protest. It is disrespectful to kneel for the National Anthem because it honors our soldiers, discriminates our society with racism, and makes our society look bad. Many men and women have put their own lives on hold to defend the great country of the United States when they sign up for the military. They agree to leave behind their families to fight for freedom. Freedom can mean several different things for a country. Some of these freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. These soldiers are also fighting for the safety of the country's citizens. These men and women are willing to give their lives to fight for what they believe in and many have done just that. The military personnel of the United States should always be respected and honored as much as possible as a way of saying thanks for their service. One of the ways to show respect to the military men and women is to stand when the country's National Anthem is played or sang. This not only shows respect for present military but also for the ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great country.

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