Improving Cooperation Between Russian Federation and the European Union

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The European Union, as a union of sovereign states, and the Russian Federation, as the biggest state worldwide, are two major key players in past and current world affairs. Therefore their cooperation is very important to maintain the balance which is needed for a favorable development of their societies. Unfortunately, the way to a successful cooperation is paved with many obstacles which are not easy to overcome for these two superpowers. Several attempts were made to improve the cooperation between the Russian Federation and the European Union, e.g. agreements were signed and summits were held, but still many conflicts stay unaddressed.

In the course of time, the Russian Federation and the European Union signed different agreements and held various summits concerning diverse topics. The “Partnership and Cooperation Agreement” was signed in 1994 to legally bind these two key players. This treaty establishes a framework of cooperation between the EU and the Russian Federation. However, the cooperation between them has not been smooth and without problems and is therefore causing a decline of progress. Trying to improve their relation, further negotiations were held at the Khanty-Mansiysk summit in 2008. The main issues that were discussed there included the establishment of a common economic space and a common space of freedom, security and justice.

The formation of a common economic space is not only profitable for Russia but also for the EU. The main aim of

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