Improving Coordination Of Care Within The Hospice Setting Essay

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Improving Coordination of Care in the Hospice Setting. The hospice regulation states that hospice services must provide consistent care with patient and family 's needs and goals. Another regulation is that the hospice must communicate and integrate according to policies regarding the coordination of care. The RN case manager is responsible for coordinating care and implementing a plan of care for each patient. • Today we will discuss how to improve patient care by improving the coordination of care. According to Deyta, the third party survey company that collects family surveys, we are scoring below the national average on several of the patient satisfaction questions. Although the team is providing the best care, it appears from the survey scores that the team is providing poor patient care. During the presentation, the discussion is the focus on improving coordination of care. The four areas to discuss are communication, patient-centered care, admission to bereavement, and after hours and triage visit. According to Forbes (2014), transparency of care through communication, including patients ' opinions of care, improves patient outcomes. To improve the overall coordination of care requires thoroughly communicating to families. Inform families and patients on what to expect when dying in an easily understood way will ultimately improve the care and result in a positive outcome. In the past, the company had unsatisfied families, and failure to communicate
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