Improving Knowledge Skills and Abilities

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Reflection paper Improving my knowledge, skills and abilities Throughout the course session I improved my knowledge, skills and abilities as fasr as people relation is concerned by developing a deeper understanding of the roles of Human Resource Management (HRM) in organization, in that, there should be approach for effective HRM. I also realized that Time management skills and organized files are the main key to the HRM functions. I also improved my knowledge by understanding that, HRM are the conscience of every organizations and the keepers of the confidential information, therefore, as they serve the needs of the top management, they should also monitor the officers approaches to employees so as to ensure that there is a proper ethics observed (Essential HR skills, 2013). Throughout the course session, my attitude to the course has changed and I did not perceive the course to be something I just do not understand anymore, however I came along with the knowledge that for me to comprehend in this course, I therefore needed to get explanations from various sources Evaluation of the work I did Overall, the course was well structured and this seemed to help me in understanding how organization managing processes is carried out. The course was also set up in such a way made my learning to be a little fun. Also, being free with my teachers to ask questions regarding the course if I had any problem certainly helped me to feel more relaxed of knowing more about the course.
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