Improving The Construction Management Process

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Assignment-1 IMPROVING THE CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT PROCESS ENG8205- TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT PRACTICE Prepared for The University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba, Queensland 4350, Australia http:/ Vijay Paliwal 2014 ABSTRACT Construction activities are increasingly becoming more demanding in today’s dynamic world in terms of delivery and complexity hence requires proper management to ensure its timely delivery to desired standards. In order to meet planned targets it is vital to plan and sequence tasks at both (macro and micro) levels along with flow of resources for the activity. It is required to plan work and resources in a manner that the available resources can be best utilised to obtain optimal output.…show more content…
KEYWORDS Location-Based Management Systems, CPM, flow line, Line of Balance, project planning. Acknowledgements I would like to thank University of Southern Queensland for giving me opportunity for this research paper writing. I would also like to thank all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to the information cited in this academic research paper. CPM : Critical path method LoB : Line of Balance LBMS : Location based management system INTRODUCTION Most of the construction projects are planned and managed using Critical Path Method scheduling technique (CPM). This is evident in the research done by Tavakoli and Riachi in 1990, in which they surveyed 400 contractors regarding usage of Critical path method approach in scheduling. During the study they found that very high percentages (93%) of the construction companies were using CPM for their construction projects. This reflected that the industry is pleased with the traditional approach (CPM) for plan and management of their projects. However, in a survey conducted by the members of the Associated General Contractors of America identified that the scheduling technology of CPM is vital area which required improvements. However, if we compare CPM with LoB, a lot of researchers have also identified that there are lot of essential advantages
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