Improving The Economy Is Difficult For All Individuals Essay

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The present day economy is completely unstable—it fluctuates up and down, with no reliable way to know for sure what it will look like the next day. Navigating our economy is extremely difficult for all individuals, but especially for students. This is because students are young adults, learning how to be independent, self-reliant, and manage their finances at the same time as being a full-time student. In order for students in college to navigate the economy in a successful manner, I would recommend three methods—limit excessive spending, take out less loans, and start working at an earlier age. In following these three steps, students can better manage their finances, become financially independent at a young age, and can better navigate the unpredictable economy.

Firstly, and most importantly, students with loans should limit excessive spending which could add on to their loans and make it more difficult to pay off. Instead of using the time at college to buy unnecessary things, students should stick to what they need so that they won’t have extra loans on top of the expensive student loans that they might have. Furthermore, students should try to get a job and pay off their loans. In this way, they can become financially independent at an earlier age and be free of their debt, whereas if they spend frivolously, they would have a heap of loans that might take them double the time to pay off. Getting a job would also boost the economy, even though these students might not

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