Pursuing The American Dream Of Graduating College Essay

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Education and school, these both word always has been the main priorities for all of us. Pursuing the American dream of graduating college can be the best feel ever but it can also cost a price. College tuition is increasing more and more every year due to the fact of the rising economy. With student want to be successful in life they will need an education to a degree, which will land you a decent job in life. The problem is when the cost of gaining that degree outweighs the financial advantage to the career. Many of people are not able to pay for college out of their pocket. The result of this is that students seeking higher education are forced to take out an enormous amount of student loans. College tuition is on the rise, and a lot of students have difficulty paying for their tuitions. To pay for their tuitions, most students have to take out loans and at the end of four years, those students end up in debt. Student loan debts are at an all-time high with so many people graduating from college and having difficulties finding jobs in their career fields. So they have difficulties paying off their student loans and, they also don’t have a full understanding of the term of the loans and their options if they are unable to repay.This means that they are entering the workforce after college already thousands of dollars in debt and under water. I believe that students who borrow money from our government should not pay for their student loans. Jobs are not

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