Improving The Health Care System

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I. Introduction to Access to Health Care People who are able to have access to health care benefit from the health care system. The remaining Americans who are unable to benefit, are faced with adversities trying to obtain basic services within the health care system. As indicated and presented in National Healthcare Disparities Reports, People who are disproportionately affected with the access to health care are minorities, and individuals holding low socioeconomic health status. Persons who are uninsured have a decreased chance in receiving recommendations. In the National HealthCare Quality Report, it demonstrated that a major factor that resulted in poor quality care was health insurance. In addition to receiving poor access to care,…show more content…
Furthermore education level was a determining factor in obtaining health insurance. People with a high school education were one third less likely to having health insurance compared to college educated persons. Along with health insurance are premiums and payments made out-of-pocket. According to a study conducted, 12% of the hospital stays were paid for by families uninsured. High health care cost are caused by an array of factors including the advancement of technology.As a result, people seek and utilize services offered in the black market at a lower cost. II. Purpose of Black Market The black market is an economic activity, where goods and services are obtained and sold illegally, with no government intervention. Black markets- sometimes referred to, as the Underground market can be located by researching online and from word of mouth. For instance the prohibition of alcohol in 1919 is an example of a black market. As a result of the outlawing of alcohol, speakeasies erupted. Smuggling in alcohol began organized crime in the United States. From alcohol to selling stolen products to even performing plastic surgery. According to Huffington Post, “items bought and sold on the black market, make up the world’s second largest economy behind the United States at roughly $10 trillion.” That is an enormous amount of money that if thought about it could contribute into the economy if done legally. As stated by Bob Mundy, the investigation
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