Improving The Standard And Effectiveness Of Education

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Over the years, educators have laid emphasis on understanding factors that contribute to improving the standard and effectiveness of education in impoverished neighborhoods. A lot of studies have aimed to ascertain the benefits that various safety network programs have for at-risk children living in poverty stricken areas of the country. This paper seeks to highlight the host of elements that have a positive bearing on the academic outcome of children belonging to the poverty stricken counties in the state of Ohio. The research will employ a qualitative method design and involve using semi-structured interviews, observations and archival data to explore the teaching methodologies and administrative measures that play a role in improving the effectiveness of schools in areas affected by poverty.
The paper is designed to provide insight regarding the adverse effects that poverty has on education and what could be done to remedy the situation, by addressing three distinct research questions. Firstly it asks the question about what factors have a detrimental impact on the educational outcome of high poverty states in the country. Secondly it seeks to determine how such factors serve as barriers in the way of development for children belonging to less affluent families. Lastly, the paper looks into that question of what administrative measures can be taken in order to effect a positive change in the educational outcomes of children belonging to less affluent counties in

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