In 1789, The Old Regime Came To An End With The Beginning

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In 1789, the old regime came to an end with the beginning of the French Revolution. The patchwork quilt of the old French system had been swept away. While the changes of the French government and society were not sudden, the mentality and the philosophy of the people changed suddenly to allow for the practical changes to come around. Looking at who is to be a citizen, religious minorities, and women, the ideal for a new system came suddenly from the enlightenment, which allowed practical changes in French society at a slower pace. First is the document which came to embody the French Revolutionary ideals of Equalite, Liberte, et Fraturnate: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Promulgated on August 26, 1789, this document …show more content…

And he relies, everything. He argued that because the third estate carries out all the labor required to maintain France and that the third estate makes up a complete nation. He calls the first and second estates a form a cancer as they do not add anything to the civil order like the third estate does, he later states “The noble order is no less foreign amongst up by reason of its civil and public prerogatives.” He knows that the first and second estate do not pay taxes of any kind, yet they are the main beneficiaries from the king. He calls the first and second estates a cancer that must be removed from a society so that the society may remain healthy, “It is impossible to say what place the two privileged orders ought to occupy in the social order…what place one wishes to assign to a malignant tumor.” The Divine Chain of Being which gave a natural order to the world was now called into question and rejected entirely because of the French Revolution. Another Outspoken man for citizenship was Maximilian Robespierre. On October 22, 1789, Robespierre gave a speech advocating that all citizens, all men, should have the right to be an officeholder and suffrage. He advocated that because all citizens have rights and that sovereignty comes from the people, that all citizens have the rights to participate. The old regime prior to 1789 allowed only the elite from the first and second estates to hold the majority of offices, and voting

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